Wednesday, 21 May 2014

E.P. Review; Metaprism - Metaprism EP

Metaprism EP cover art

Track Listing:

1. Even The Lights
2. Lost In The Dark
3. Against All

Hailing from Bournemouth, UK, Metaprism have already covered impressive ground considering how difficult it is for bands to get onto the Metal scene in todays world. They've played alongside prolific bands such as I Am I, Sacred Mother Tongue and Evil Scarecrow, and have plans to record and a full length album in the next year. Until then, we have their live shows and this three track E.P. to go by.

As Even The Lights opens, guitar proficiency is clear, and the band's progressive leanings make themselves clear. The sound of the music is decidedly modern, and the production job matches this well. Vocally, there's a beauty and the beast style present; Jut Tabor's impressive harsh vocals contrasting to Theresa Smith's clean singing, as well as another male voice singing in harmony, brilliantly. Using this vocal contrast without the overused Gothic/Symphonic aesthetic is a welcome change that will no doubt help Metaprism stand out from the crowd.

There's a good penchant for riffs on show, and the percussion is as precise as would be desired. The chugging, rhythmic riffing style may be rather in style at the moment, but there is a great melodic sensibility on show in certain guitar lines and the eye-popping solo on 'Lost In The Dark' that helps bring this collage of musical elements together seamlessly.

As opposed to a lot of Progressive Metal band's material, none of the three songs here overstay their welcome. These songs have been well crafted; riffs are placed well, the songs flow very well and nothing has a chance to get stale. This is a concise, sharp and impressive showcase of Metaprism's style. I await a full-length with great anticipation, and so should everybody else.

Rating: 8.5/10

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