Monday, 7 September 2015

Album Review; Éohum - Revelations, Aurora Of An Epoch

Released Via Mycelium Networks
Genre: Avant-Garde Black/Doom Metal

To call Eohum an avant-garde band is an understatement, but if you decide not to listen to this record purely on the basis that this is not orthodox music you will be missing out on an interesting and genuinely well-crafted record that twists in and out of the confines of musical convention in order to deliver something that so many black metal bands claim to offer and fail to do so: unique and strangely beautiful metal carved from pure chaos. Imagine if Morbus Chron were massive Neurosis fans that just could not decide what one genre to stick to before throwing caution to the wind and playing damn near every genre in one record. The instrumental track ‘Rooted Deep Within’ shows you all you need to know about this band; they know their instruments (instruments which include a French horn and a trumpet) and they’re completely unafraid to play about with compositional ideas, all the while managing to keep a good flow in the structure of the record. Considering the completely jarring nature of a song such as ‘Defined Sacredness’, it’s incredible that Eohum have managed to incorporate hooks into these tracks. Transitions from fast to slow tempos are completely out of the blue more often than not and the brass instruments should sound sickeningly out of place, but all of these eccentricities, coupled with Cryptopsy vocalist Matt McGachy’s combination of modern metal screams and admittedly rather marmite clean singing form an album that defines Eohum as easily the most original and inventive band out there. ‘Wiser Every Sunrise’ shifts from rhythmic groove metal to sections of spoken word nearly-rap vocals from Phillip Rieder, before the following track opens up with heavy doom metal! Don’t say you weren’t warned; Metal puritans may as well turn and run, but those out there who are out for a musical experience that simply couldn’t be replicated by any other band out there, dig your teeth into this and try to keep your head from exploding.

Rating: 9/10


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