Monday, 7 September 2015

Album Review; Fallen Angels - World In Decay

Released Via Cyberdyne Records
Genre: Thrash Metal

Another band comes to thrash you back to 1986, and they do it in good fashion. This album is jam-packed with the fast and evil riffs of bands like Coroner, Dark Angel and Forbidden, and plenty of guitar leads tasty enough to make you bang your head harder than you already were. Fallen Angels are not afraid to switch up the tempos through their songs, even making room for more spacious moments that allow songs like ‘Nightmare Master’ to live and breathe. The level of musicianship here is top notch, reminiscent of early Megadeth in its intricacy and wildness. There are displays of a more traditional metal style of songwriting on the record, such as the opening moments of ‘Forsaken Existence’. Each instrument is played in a manner that amplifies the next, with the guitar and drum interplay alone being capable of holding the listener’s attention. Combine all of these elements with the added experience of award-winning producer Michael Rosen, who has managed to mix this album to the point of sheer sonic perfection for a band of this style and you have a thrash metal band that is making nods back to the metal icons of the 70s and 80s as they take no-nonsense metal forward with invigorating songs. There are some who might question the originality of the band, but there’s definitely a more mature feel to a band like Fallen Angels that suggests they’d deserve to break through the glass ceiling that holds down the plethora of thrash revivalists. This is too good to be called revivalism.
Rating: 8/10

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