Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Album Review; Arcturon - 'Expect Us' EP

Arcturon - Expect Us
Released Via Supreme Chaos Records
Melodic Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. My Treasure
2. Expect Us
3. A Restless Soul
4. Rowan

In their nine year lifespan as a band, Arcturon have gained enough momentum in the metal scene enough to support the likes of Six Feet Under and Belphegor on tour, all off of the back of one demo and two full-lengths. ‘Expect Us’ may only be an E.P. but it contains the right ingredients to impress any fan of melodic death metal.

My Treasure’ is a good opener in its own right; a slowly building, groove-ridden track with catchy riffs and a good show of this band’s potential. The only mistake here is that it trails off into an abrupt finish that keeps it from feeling like a truly completed song. The title track steps things up to a much better level with a creeping, claustrophobic feel to it, which contrasts well with the previous song. ‘A Restless Soul’ is much better statement for the band; a strange cacophony of tension, melancholia and furious ambition. The atmospherics and strings that lace the closing track ‘Rowan’ help show just how multifaceted the sound of this band is. The production sheen on this album hints at the band’s intent to reach for the skies but one can’t help but think that the decision to release a four-track E.P. betrays this intent. This is certainly worth repeated listens, but will likely leave you looking to the future for a full-length album before you cast true judgement upon Arcturon.

Rating: 7/10

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