Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Album Review; Thy Art Is Murder - Holy War

Released Via Nuclear Blast

Track Listing:

1. Absolute Genocide
2. Light Bearer
3. Holy War
4. Coffin Dragger (Ft. Winston McCall of Parkway Drive)
5. Fur And Claw
6. Deliver Us To Evil
7. Emptiness
8. Violent Reckoning
9. Child Of Sorrow
10. Naked And Cold

After all the hype behind the previous album 'Hate', I was personally a little disappointed with the album itself. I found it to be two-dimensional. As for this new record, I found the complete opposite. I've been completely blown away by this record which combines razor-sharp and thought-provoking lyrics, massively heavy death metal riffs, melodic guitar subtleties and brilliant songwriting. As the album title and the harrowing artwork shows, this record blazes with anger at the modern state of socio-political affairs in regards to religion, with extra focus on the Middle East. Each song is a crushing assault on the ears and there are even moments of anthemic catchiness to be found on such songs as 'Holy War', 'Light Bearer' and 'Deliver Us To Evil'.

Vocalist CJ McMahon showcases his abilities fantastically throughout this album, proving that he can be a true powerhouse vocalist, delivering the lyrics with clarity, feel and seething rage. These songs will stand the test of time and will prove to be crowd-pleasing favourites in the live setting. This may just be the time when Thy Art Is Murder live up to their reputation and take a step higher in their climb to the summit of the metal scene, and they will do it with hordes of like-minded, furious fans at their backs. Their musical chops are clear, and their message is not only clear, it's a statement that needed to be said. Meet the new demagogues of extreme metal.

Rating: 9/10



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