Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Album Review: Bloodshot Dawn - 'Demons'

Bloodshot Dawn - Demons
Independent Release
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Track Listing:

1. Smoke And Mirrors
2. Consequence Complex
3. Unified
4. Inadequacy
5. Black Hole Infinity
6. Human Void
7. The Image Faded
8. Demons

The first thing that caught my attention on Bloodshot Dawn’s second full-length is the scalpel-sharp guitar tone. In fact; the entire album is a delight to hear in that respect; the mix conveys a hungry and determined young band full of spit and vigour. The delights do not stop there, either. A good balance of heaviness and melody can be tricky to achieve, let alone maintain, without the two elements being at odds but Bloodshot Dawn make it seem like a piece of cake. Muted riffs provide the skeleton for the technically-adept guitar leads to flesh out beautifully, and the underlying groove will make you bang your head whether you want to or not. All this is propelled ever onwards by the precise drumming courtesy of relative newbie Janne Jaloma whose flourishes make his skill just as obviously apparent. The band definitely picked the right one there. Bloodshot Dawn have invited some friends along for the ride, including Sven De Caluwé of Aborted, guitar wizard Andy James and former Arch Enemy shredder Chris Amott.

Picking stand-out tracks on this album is exceedingly difficult, as the song writing shown on this album is distinctive, powerful and tasteful; proof positive that this band is dedicated to their craft. On saying that, ‘Consequence Complex’, ‘Human Void’ and ‘Demons’ do come to mind as immediate examples of the excellence that this sophomore record contains.

All fans looking for a bright future for metal needn’t look any further. Here we have a band who previously showed great potential coming back to confirm what we suspected and even dare to hint at more! If there is any justice then Bloodshot Dawn should be heading for bigger and better things.

Rating 10/10


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