Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Album Review; Dead Existence - Endless Misery

Released Via Black Bow Records
Genre: Doom/Crust Metal

Track Listing:

1. Consume
2. End Devoured By Beginning
3. ...
4. Worthless
5. Tear Apart The Veil
6. Obsidian Black
7. Delusion Of Hope
8. Regretamine

Dead Existence have been making waves, indeed. This record displays why; through a combination of frantic sludgy metal, a definite punk mentality, and a hefty slab of doom metal, Dead Existence have a musical Frankenstein that many people within the echelons of the UK scene’s more influential people will grasp onto with both hands. Lest we forget, doom and sludge metal are ruling the UK metal underground at the moment. However, where many other bands that we see absolutely everywhere at the moment seem to be a tad formulaic, there’s an element of liveliness to Dead Existence through which you can hear some soulful playing and writing. Neurosis are clearly in this group’s list of influences, as shown by the sprawling, ever-shifting nature of this record. End Devoured By Beginning’ starts off with some jazzy drumming and very low-key guitar playing, but it soon bursts into a leviathan-sized riff, complete with furiously barked vocals and more drumming that simply will not be tied down for too long. Naturally, very long songs are the agenda of the day, with all but two of these tracks ducking under the five minute mark. As the album title would suggest, depressive hopelessness is on the mind of Dead Existence, but rather than wallowing stupidly through endless doom metal monotony, Dead Existence choose to seethe for a duration of time before exploding into fury, and as they do this, many interesting musical ideas come to the surface. This is doom metal with a fire in its belly, and I’ll be keeping an eagle’s eye on this band.

Rating: 8/10

Links: https://www.facebook.com/DeadExistenceuk

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