Monday, 17 August 2015

Album Review; Dagoba - Tales From The Black Dawn

Released Via earMusic
Genre: Groove/Industrial Metal

Track Listing:

1. Epliogue
2. The Sunset Curse
3. Half Damn Life
4. Eclipsed
5. Born Twice
6. The Loss
7. Sorcery
8. O, Inverted World
9. The Dawn
10. Morning Light

Just when grand opening of ‘Epilogue’ makes you think that this album is going to explode into a huge stomper of a song, it becomes a let-down to hear that there is something a little soulless about ‘The Sunset Curse’. For all it’s industrial elements, it doesn’t deliver the right punch in the face that such a sound usually does. The symphonic elements are alright, if a little uninspiring, but the low-end guitar notes don’t sit high enough in the mix to give the song the ability to curb-stomp you. The same thing applies to ‘Half Damn Life’. Vocally, the shouts are decent enough, though they lack the kind of characteristics needed to embed the songs in your mind, whilst the clean vocals are like a cheese grater to the ears. The songs are presented in a tight enough manner, but there is just something missing. It also becomes apparent that Dagoba are a bit of a one-trick pony by the time ‘Eclipsed’ kicks in. Every song on the record has not just a similar feel, but the exact same feel, which truly stunts the growth of the record. We all have the bands from whom we want to hear a specific sound, but a band like Dagoba, who cite such a wide range of musical influences from classical music right to black, death and power metal, should be putting these tools to use in order to create an album with a lot more dynamic capabilities than this. Poor songwriting and a lack of imagination is the downfall here. Hopefully, Dagoba can do better next time.

Rating: 2/10


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