Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Album Review: Bio-Cancer - 'Tormenting The Innocent'

Bio-Cancer - Tormenting the Innocent
Released Via Candlelight Records
Genre: Thrash Metal

Track Listing:

1. Obligated To Incest
2. Tormenting The Innocent
3. Bulletproof
4. Boxed Out
5. F(r)iends Or Fiends?
6. Think!
7. Chemical Castration
8. Haters Gonna...Suffer!
9. Life Is Tough (So Am I)

Sounding every bit the thrash metal band that their album cover would suggest they are, Bio-Cancer take no time at all to deliver the shred guitar solos and riffs with sheer speed that has defined the genre since the 80s. No riffs stick about for very long here, and every element of the music sounds rough and mosh pit ready. If you listen to this wanting an all-out, no-fuss thrash assault delivered at wild speeds previously achieved only by the Tasmanian Devil on coke, then you’re in for a solid album to add to your thrash collection. ‘Bulletproof’ is an ideal example of this; all fury and punk-inspired spit that is likely best enjoyed as loud as possible with a beer in your hand. The guitar work has an edge of technicality to it that could be compared to early Megadeth or Testament but with the attitude of early Teutonic thrash, and the drums are frantic enough to punctuate the rest of the music effectively. The rasping vocals are only a mention of Satan away from being rudimentary black metal vocals, with an untutored execution enough to help the DIY attitude that early thrash metal possessed. There’s little in the way of true originality here, but it’s obvious to any listener that this album was created with the intent to thrash, pure and simple. To some, it’ll be a throwback, but to others it will be another reason why simple thrash metal makes for enjoyable listening.

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