Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Album Review; Dulcamara - El Anagonista

Dulcamara - El antagonista
Released Via Art Gates Records
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Track Listing:

1. La Eternidad Genetica
2. Pariah
3. Cuestion De Honor
4. El Antagonista
5. Gehena
6. El Arte De La Degradacion
7. Donde Nacen Las Pesadillas
8. Invencibles
9. Romance Mecanico
10. Ciudadano Ejemplar
11. Dioses Antiguos

An epic feel and keen ear for melodic hooks seem to be the fundamental ingredients behind Dulcamara’s fourth release. While the overall sound is very obviously rooted in the melodic death metal scene, it’s the use of synths and the heavy groove throughout the album’s eleven tracks that help prevent the album from sounding derivative. Every component of the band is given their room to shine bright; whether it’s the impressively powerful vocals on show during ‘Cuestion de Honor’, the Morton-meets-Amott riffing showcased on ‘Pariah’ or the beautiful piano cadences giving the third dimension to ‘Gehena’; Dulcamara prove themselves to be a tight, efficient unit. It might come across as a tired cliché to say this, but this is an album that is best consumed as a whole. Obviously, the lyrics are all in Spanish, but don’t let the language barrier put you off, as this is a multi-faceted band that knows how to keep the flow of an album constant without losing the attention of the listener or ending up with an album that sounds the same from track-to-track. ‘Donde Nacen Las Pesadillas’ demonstrates perfectly that this band can write instantly memorable music with little to no difficulty. This record deserves a place of distinction in any metal fan’s collection for this year.

Rating: 8/10

Links: https://www.facebook.com/dulcamaracomanches?fref=ts

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