Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Album Review; Disasterhate - Mirroring The Abyss

Disasterhate - Mirroring the Abyss
Released Via Club Inferno Entertainment
Genre: Thrash/Death Metal

Track Listing:

1. Me = Android
2. Desecrated Sick Reality
3. Shining Black Reality
4. In A Rarefield Morning Sun
5. Blank
6. Toxic Sleep
7. The Abyss
8. Day Of Zero
9. The Isle Of The Dead

It’s with destructive verve and cold charisma that ‘Mirroring The Abyss’ blasts its way out of your speakers. This is achieved with a surprisingly slick amalgamation of influences including the futuristic fury of Fear Factory, eighties thrashers Forbidden, the melodic heaviness of Nevermore and progressive leanings that knowingly nod to early Opeth.

These nine tracks are full of class that can only come from meticulous construction. It’s been seven years since the Sicilian quartet’s initial release, so this is not an album that has been churned out for the sake of it. For proof of this; just pick a track! Whether you feast upon the thrash of ‘Me = Android’, revel in the groove of ‘Toxic Sleep’ or embrace the progressive in closing track ‘The Isle Of The Dead’ you’ll find something worthy of celebration here.

The songs are often not as straightforward as they may appear. There are sideways twists and turns to be found all over this album that thankfully do not set the songs off-track. The focus is never lost and the flow is never interrupted, keeping the album sharp and concise from start to finish. As far as performance goes; the band comes together well as a unit but the outstanding contributions of Reitia and Klaudia, both of whom take on guitar and vocal duties, are worthy of praise on their own. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take another seven years before we hear more from Disasterhate.

Rating: 9/10

Links: https://www.facebook.com/disasterhate?fref=ts

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