Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Album Review; Entrails - Obliteration

Entrails - Obliteration
Released Via Metal Blade Records
Genre: Death Metal

Whether you look at Entrails as the classic Swedish band who never made anything past a couple of demos in the 90s or as the resurrected band responsible for the widely revered ‘Raging Death’ album, one thing is for sure; you’ll be anxious to hear this record. You might find the starting portion of the record to show a large difference quality of the songs. ‘No Cross Left Unturned’ sees Entrails announce what would appear to be the arrival of yet another twisted old-school Swedish death metal record, but this is succeeded by ‘Epitome Of Death’, a rather ore confused track that sees the guitar duo of founding member Jimmy Lundqvist and new recruit Penki trying to incorporate the death march into the end of the tracks, and rather than being cool or suiting the deathly aesthetic of Entrails, it just ends up sounding very Spinal Tap. After this shaky start, everything then carries on to be as retro as one would expect, from the riffs to the steady tempos, the melodic hints and the gnarled vocals. There are tracks that catch the ear from the first few listens, such as ‘Skulls’ and the sinister ‘Midnight Coffin’, and the album runs pretty seamlessly, but it’s a little too clear to hear that there’s nothing here that is quite as essential as what we heard on ‘Raging Death’, which is undeniably deflating. All that said, ‘Obliteration’ is worth the time it takes to listen to it, and is an enjoyable listen without a doubt, but it wouldn’t surprise me if some people stick to the recent Entombed A.D. and Bloodbath records.

Rating: 7/10

Links: https://www.facebook.com/Entrails666

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