Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Album Review: Cruenta Lacrymis - 'Sweetness And Blasphemy'

Cruenta Lacrymis - Sweetness and Blasphemy
Released Via Metal Scrap Records
Genre: Symphonic Dark Metal

Track Listing:

1. Intro - The Era Of Cruenta Lacrymis
2. The Steersman's Course
3. Mother Of Sigh
4. Burning Spirit
5. Sicarius
6. The Ghost Of The Jew
7. Downward
8. Circle Of Damnation
9. Bloody Revenge
10. Luxury
11. False History
12. Sound Of Soul

After a standard-issue mood building intro, the symphonic pomp of Cradle of Filth and the pace of Dimmu Borgir’s blacker moments reveal themselves instantly to be the backbone of the sound that this Italian four-piece has crafted. The metal found in Cruenta Lacrymis’ sound is notably under-utilized; from the first song proper ‘The Steersman’s Course’, the guitar, bass and drums are often present to do nothing but add a bit of propulsion and pace underneath the well-programmed symphonic elements. However, when the music slows down in ‘Mother Of Sigh’, the guitars are given more room to breathe and present actual riffs. There is a great deal of melancholy within the record’s twelve tracks, giving the music a feel that is akin to the likes of My Dying Bride. Unfortunately, a great number of the songs that are presented to you sound far too alike, and end up feeling formulaic and passive. ‘Bloody Revenge’ is a moment that holds more promise in regards to what this fledgling band are capable of, but ‘Sweetness And Blasphemy’ is too much of the same thing. Great for fans of fast-paced, wall of sound, symphonic metal, but those of us who seek variety will need to look elsewhere.

Rating: 5/10


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